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Hair care

Do's & Dont's from Simply More Beautiful Bueaty Salon


1. Wash your hair regularly it wont hurt. Best results are achieved with clean hair.

2. Always wrap or set relaxed hair prior to going to bed. If hair is natural (unprocessed) always wear hairnet.

3.Comb/ brush hair EVERYDAY

4.Trim hair ends regularly to keep hair in good shape

5.Treat hair every eight (8) weeks

(5 weeks for relaxed hair)


1.Do not Wear wigs or extentions on hair for long periods. Give hair a break to allow hair to breathe and wash hair between wears.

2.Do not apply heat to hair frequently. Continuous exposure to heat may damage or break hair.

3.Do not wear hair in your face. Dead cells from scalp may get cause acne breakouts. which will damage skin if not treated.

4.Do not share combs/brushes with other people. Infectious diseases can be transported from an infected hair to yours. Be very careful!

5.Dont pull on hair too tightly as this will damage your hair

6.Do not wash your hair with washing-up liquid, soap, or other detergents;they are highly alkaline and will upset your hair's natural pH balance by stripping out the natural oils.

Recommendions directly from Hair stylists at Simply Beautiful Beauty Salon

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